The Spoke Philosophy

The Spoke philosophy was inspired by the Holy Gospel according to John, chapter 1, verse 1:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The word "spoke" has two key meanings - namely the past tense of speak, and as in "the spoke of a wheel".

The first says that world and everything in it came to be because of God's Word. He spoke and everything came into existence. The power of God's Word is such that it can begin everything, and bind everything.

The second meaning of the spoke of a wheel recognises that, as a Church, if Christ is the centre or "hub" of a figurative wheel, then all parishes, youth groups, dioceses and other ministries are like spokes emminating from that point. This metaphor helps capture the following ideas:

Christ should be what we all "revolve" around

This is an especially important tenet to keep in mind in all ministry. We do not do what we do for ourselves, but for God.

Without a hub, the wheel falls of the wagon

Christ not only provides us with a centre to revolve around, but He also keeps us on track. We should always be asking if what we are doing is what He would want us to do.

Different directions, same wheel

Each spoke on a wheel goes in a different direction from the centre, but is still connected at the centre and at the end point as well. This beautifully summarises the diverse, universal nature of the Church - we are all different, but we come from the same source and we are part of the same Church.

Without all the spokes, the wheel lacks strength

If the Church is the wheel, much of the strength of the wheel comes from the diversity of the spokes - i.e. the ministry. The Spoke Project is about recognising the various ministries that are out there and giving them a voice. Music, prayer, education, community, fellowship - all are valid spokes that contribute to the bigger wheel.

Without the bond at the end, the wheel lacks utility

If we try to do our work individually, without joining together as a church, we run the risk of being a wheel without a tyre. A wheel consisting of disconnected spokes will not take anyone very far. This project aims to strengthen the bonds between our various ministries so we can share and work together to be a better Church.

A wheel can have infinite spokes

The Spoke Project recognises that not only are there many different types of ministry, but there are literally an infinite number of possibilities in communicating those ministries. The Project aims to reduce the cost, time and complexity of establishing an Internet presence for Church ministries, so as to get as many of those spokes built and connected as possible.

Unique but connected

Each spoke is unique, but is also part of the same wheel. It is important to note that each ministry in the Church is unique. Each parish is unique. Each youth group is unique. The Spoke Project recognises this, and also recognises that we are all from the same "hub" (Christ) and connected to the same "wheel" (the Church).

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